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The best seeds for Minecraft PC – Gameranx

Advertisement Minecraft The world is generated at random, based on a series of “seeds” that populate the world with the…

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Minecraft The world is generated at random, based on a series of “seeds” that populate the world with the necessary details to form any Minecraft environment. It is an almost unlimited game world based on algorithms that will blow your mind if you try to think too much about how the encoders made it work. By default, the game takes the current system time as the basic input for the initial values ​​of a world and works with that, but fortunately, the seeds can be influenced and copied and pasted into Minecraft underlying code, which allows players to share the central worlds in which they play.
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With such a popular video game title, there are many online players who share their own findings. After searching online through various forums, communities and wikis, we have listed some of the best seeds available to play on the PC platform. We are seeing the current version of the PC version that is known as Java Edition.


This list of seeds are just some examples of some of the best worlds you can discover randomly in Minecraft for PC.
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More Minecraft seeds in Gameranx:
1.14 seeds
Are you looking for a new island of survival that provides many resources? In this seed, players will get an island that has a village, biomes, mine pit dungeons and more.

-400, 80, 1100
850, 80, 1300
1700, 80, 1500


-555, 45, 2500
1500, 70, -625
-960, 40, 655
-875, 30, -695

Within this seed you will find a really great location to explore. Near the Desert Temple that we will list below, you will find ocean ruins and two shipwrecks. I could play a good backdrop for a new construction or an adventure map.
Desert temple
This seed is more about environments and exploration. While we could trace some interesting aspects to visit, it is worth seeing the entire map. With this seed, players will have access to all the biomes that surround the generation point. It is quite interesting to see how you venture from the plains, to a savannah, a desert or even a jungle. You just have to venture everywhere to see well all that this seed has to offer.
This seed presents a spawning close to the town that is divided between a large ravine. It is a random type of generated world, since there is even a building that hangs over the great ravine fall.
With this seed, players are generated on an island that is relatively small. However, you will find that in the depths under water there are some resources that make it almost out of reach. It is a difficult survival island and one that can give you more challenges than the standard maps of the survival island.
This is a very interesting seed focused on the exploration of Minecraft. In the game you will find a typical village, but it seems that something fell from the sky and took out a part of the village and created a huge crater on the side of a mountain. If you are looking for something a little more picturesque on your map, we suggest you check this one. Similarly, with the additional benefit of the nearby town, you can get a good starting point in your adventure.


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