Simple & Quick Implementation

It is a simple and quick method to implement; it does not require large spaces or large investments. It is economically viable and very efficient in the purification, avoiding the contamination in earth, air and water.
What is needed is an area of at least 2,000 m² to be able to set up the purification plant. This plant is assembled in a period of 6 weeks.
Including our patented product which makes the entire process of purification possible.

Committed to the Environment

At Green Pig Solutions, we are committed to solutions for the improvement and conservation of the environment by dedicating time to human and economic resources in research, development and innovation for the implementation of efficient, effective and economically viable projects.
Our area of activity focuses on the correct management of organic waste, produced by intensive livestock farms.

Exhibition Plant for Case Studies

We have an Exhibition Plant to show the performance and advantages of our purification and recovery system as well as the measurements of efficiencies and effectiveness.
Our system facilitates the management of the manure and is a clear example for the incorporation of a certification. That allows the recognition to the final client, of the contribution to the environment of our users.



Thanks to our patented system, you will now be able to manage the organic
waste produced by livestock whilst helping the environment and
animals in an economical and effective way avoiding the contamination of
the earth, water and air and providing a cleaner living area for the animals.

From 10 m3 to 120 m3 daily and continuously.

biological reactor 1
biological reactor 2
irrigation pond

Irrigation Water

Before the process
0.0 m3

After the process
41,610 m3


Efficiency in Solids

Dry Matter 105 °C
Phosphorus (Ex. acid)
Electrical cond. 25°C
N. Kjeldahl m. dry (N)
N. Amoniacal m. fres (N)

<8.0 % s.m.f.
3.70 % s.m.s.
3.95 dS/m
3.06 % s.m.s.
14.16 % s.m.s.

Gravimetry PA-098
ICP-OES Spectrometry
Volumetric Titration PA-089
Volumetric Titration

Carbon Credits

According to several studies carried out by renowned entities, our treatment and following the equivalences of tons of CH4 to tons of CO2 equivalent (GPC), can avoid the emission to the atmosphere of 0.2 to 0.3 tons CO2 / m3 treated slurry.

Depending on the type of farm, feed, local parameters and methodology to be applied, there may be a variation of +/- 5% in the emission values to be avoided. The implementation of our treatment is a definitive solution to a worldwide need, the purification, which is obligatory.

Equivalence data on CO2 emission per Tn of spilled slurry.
1 Tn of slurry poured = emission 0.267 Tn CO2.
For each 3,745 Tn of discharged slurry, 1 Tn CO2 is produced.

*Study prepared by the international consultant ECOFYS for ADAP

For farmers, it represents a real solution in the management of the manure, having a cost much lower than the systems implemented to date. Our treatment allows to maintain the pig cabin and facilitates its growth.


Efficiency Table %

Conductivity 67.1 - 72.4 %
Solids 74.6 - 93.5 %
Volatile Solids 85.5 - 97.2 %
Fixed Solids 64.5 - 87.4 %
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen 93.5 - 96.3 %
Ammoniac Nitrogen 96.7 - 97.9 %
Organic Nitrogen 73.9 - 95.5 %
COD 95.4 - 97.2 %
Total Phosphorus 38.6 - 91.7 %
Sodium 45.5 - 62.8 %
Methane 100 %
Water Recovery 95 %

Frequently Asked Questions

How the idea was born

The large amount of waste generated by livestock farms, poses serious difficulties of sustainability with the environment.
The pork sector ranks first in the world of meat production (40%) followed by poultry meat (30%) and beef (23%).
The malpractice of our society in the management of slurry has caused the contamination of the earth and the water table, through the application and filtration of the slurry to it, and the air, with the emission of Greenhouse Gases. The international community and WHO have established corrective measures included in the Kyoto Protocol.

Green Pig Solutions

Green Pig Solutions is a society of entrepreneurs and lovers of nature and the environment, who pursue the dream of being able to improve it while facilitating the decomposition and disintegration of slurry. Together with a great team of researchers, we have the patented formula of our system which facilitates the management of the manure in an easy, innovative, natural, economic and fast way. After years of research in collaboration with the University of Vic and the Generalitat de Catalunya (Waste Board), with a real plant (not laboratory), our system can reduce pollutants produced by manure to almost 100% and is able to withstand temperatures up to -15 ° C. All our staff is passionate about this innovative formula and are more than willing to share their knowledge and different applications in their livestock or farm.

How does it work?

Our system recovers 96% of the water to be able to use it in irrigation.
It also creates compost to fertilize the field while eliminating polluting emissions such as CH2, N2O, NH3 among others.

Main Benefits:

  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Compact
  • Economic
  • Non-polluting
  • Recovery of 96% of water
  • Compost to fertilize the field
  • Eliminates methane emissions
  • Eliminates greenhouse gas emissions

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